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The Heart is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Looking around at so many #heartless acts has my mind racing and my #heart thumping. It's threatening to burst through my chest at the scenes of unmoral souls at every turn. Who are we as humans to harm and #dishearten another soul? When did we become so brainwashed as to believe certain behaviors are okay? Breaking someone down and then moving on with our lives as if karma is our friend. Morals have become an afterthought, if they are even thought of at all. I have also fallen prey to these behaviors a time or two. At some point we #live, #learn, and #grow. I am at the growth point in my #life. As I look back on my actions and realize how many times I've had to #apologize to those I have #hurt. #Karma has trained me and taught me all the things I no longer want in my life. #Morals are now at the forefront. I look back at all of the ways I had wasted my heart. Sadness creeps into my bones. I used to be a fool for punishment, lack of sincerity, lack of #respect for others and myself. My heart was slowly fading into darkness. Light was slowly being vanquished out. I fought hard to soften the hardening effects and let light back into my life. It seems the more I let light in the more darkness in others surrounds me trying to bask in my territory. I refuse to allow it in. My heart is mending and motioning only the pure to come inside. The joy I feel in my soul now also presents another side to my ever present thoughts. How did I live the way I did for so long? Why did I waste my heart on all the wrong nouns and verbs? Why did I ever let the words and actions of others seep into my heart spewing murky black ink? Why did I ever use my words as a battering ram? The joy I feel now makes me happy but it allows me to see how sad I was for so long. It let's me see that my heart is such a terrible thing to waste and the #time... the #years... the #decades I let my heart down can't be replaced. #NOMORE self-doubt. My only chance is to #live #love and #laugh harder with more #humbleness and #light than ever before! Don't be shy let's talk about it! Comment below!!! #Namaste #hurtpeoplehurtpeople #BrokenCrayonsStillColor #HarmonieReignsWordsofWisdom #Author #Poet #spokenwordartist #Atlanta #Lesbian #lgbtq #Belief #spiritual #Chakras


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