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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

#Life is made up of so many different unpaved and paved ways. Some times the pavement is a black top smooth yet sticky. Sometimes your road is curved and bumpy. Every time we encounter a new road we should embrace it good, bad, or indifferent. Every road is a new #opportunity to learn. Every learned experience is growth. #Growth is something we should all strive for everyday. The more we learn the broader our lives can become. Embark on new territory and never let a new experience fly by you. Even during times of pain find the lesson and take a moment to learn it inside and out. Some lessons may take a time or two before you learn it but never steer away from it. Keep traveling forward until your knowledge of the lesson is branded in your brain. You hold the power to your growth and #knowledge!!! There is always a #Rainbow at the end of every tunnel. Comment Below!!! #Never give up! #Follow your #Dreams! #Look to the #Sky! Now go out #experience #love and #live!!! #Harmonie #Reigns #LiveLoveandLaugh #WritingHabits

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