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The 10 Year Challenge

#10yearchallenge… Let’s talk about this thing. Yes, most of us show physical change between the 10 year gap as we should. How many of us are ready to talk about the change within? Was it for the better or worse? Did we take the #lessons we’ve learned along the road and apply them? Did we keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Have we gone after our dreams or did we let them fall by the waist side? In ten years I have grown. I’ve surely matured. I’ve made my fair amount of #mistakes. It took me a little time but I slowly learned to grow from my mistakes. As much as it hurt I learned that sometimes you have to let some of the #nouns (#people #places #things) go in order to #grow and #prosper. I learned that #selflove is the best love. You can’t love anything or anyone if you don’t first love yourself. I learned that everything doesn’t deserve a reaction and therefore my #attention shouldn’t always be given. I learned that I have to stand up for what I believe in. I learned that the aged old saying “stand for something or you will fall for anything” applies to every single aspect of my life. I learned that #silence is sometimes golden. I learned that everything isn’t always black and white… the gray areas can sometimes be more important! I’ve learned to continue to grow, #learn and most importantly #achieve. Achievements aren’t always grandiose. Sometimes rising out of bed in the morning is achievement enough! It’s #theyear2022 you can achieve anything! Go out there and give your best shot!!!

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