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Such a Lonely World

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Sometimes I wonder what #life is all about. We as humans are so consumed with #self-perseverance that we don't think of others. We only hold them valuable when we have something to gain. #Newsflash in the end, this way of behaving will leave you stuck, confused and #lonely. For a long time I lived the exact life I am speaking of. I woke up one day and realized my way of getting through life was actually failing me. I woke up that #morning reached to the other side of my bed and realized I was alone. I grabbed my phone with tears running down my face and guess what, I found the same result... I had no one to call that I truly trusted with my #deepest darkest #pain. I had surface people, but no one that could truly make my pain bearable. I felt like someone had splashed cold water in my face. I'm #woke now! It's time to truly show the genuine me and not the shell I paraded around with thinking I was protecting myself. I've learned and I am learning to love me for who I am and who I can be. I am still alone but I'm no longer lonely. Comment Below!!!


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