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Unspoken Regrets- Ebook

Unspoken Regrets- Ebook


Sarah and Timid were living any couple's dream, until they made one bad decision. Their lives were close to perfect. The only thing missing was their yearning to start a family and have children. They couldn't accomplish this on their own so they turned to a person they thought they could trust... Sarah's brother Marvin. They went to Marvin for assistance. What they didn't know was this decision was going to backfire and cost them their lives in an unspeakable way. What do you do when you begin to fear for your life? What do you do when the person you love doesn't understand your fear? On the other hand, how do you handle not realizing the person you love is justified in their fear until it's too late? Unspoken Regrets will take you down the path to answer these questions in the untimely death tale of Timid and Sarah. Hold on to your seats!

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