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My Seasons of Poetry: My Life in Poetical Seasons- Paperback

My Seasons of Poetry: My Life in Poetical Seasons- Paperback


We don't have control over the seasons; however, we know that they will most assuredly come and go. This is the same certainty that I equate with writing. Writing flows from my very being. I feel it during Spring, when the rain comes tenfold and leave pretty apple blossoms in its wake. I feel it during Summer, when heated transitions of passion ensue. I feel it during Winter, when the snow sprinkles down leaving bitter brisk moments; and I most certainly feel it during Autumn, when cool winds come and turn the once alive plush green leaves and grass into sights of aged brown and stiff entities that are definitely making way for growth and maturity. Writing for me, is like the air that I breathe. In this book, I have put together a compilation of poems that I hold dear to my heart for one reason or another. For example, "I Remember," was the very first poem that I ever wrote. "Don't Shoot," was the first poem that I wrote on the spot in December 2015.  In this book you will have insight and take a journey with me from the tender age of 15 until almost this very moment in my life. Every detail comes from my heart, my thoughts at certain points, and reality through my own eyes. Sit back relax and please enjoy my seasons laid out for you in poetry!!!!

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