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Dying to Live- E- Book

Dying to Live- E- Book


When Naomi Harris met her girlfriend Sheena, at one of her close friend’s birthday party, she never expected that her life would change forever. In the beginning things started out beautifully. Sheena was caring and loving. Almost all of Naomi’s friends and family loved Sheena, but things quickly changed. Sheena became abusive in many ways. She was jealous, controlling, and disrespectful. When Sheena’s verbal and mental abuse turned into physical abuse, Naomi tried to hide it. She made excuses and she began to isolate herself from her friends and family. Even when the abuse sent Naomi to the hospital with broken bones she still hid it. When Naomi decided that enough was enough, she finally ended the relationship. Was it too late? Would Naomi make it out alive? Would her friends get hurt trying to protect her? Naomi finds herself in the fight of her life with Sheena. It’s kill or be killed. The question is does Naomi have the strongest will to survive and if she does will she be able to cope with the aftermath?

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